Tuesday, April 7, 2009

finally, un update

An update on life,
I started taking classes on the 31st of last month
to become a Certified Nurse Assistant.
After 84 hours of training I will be able
to work part time in the Nursing Home in Hallock.
I look forward to helping people out & am enjoying
the challenge of bookwork & skills.
The schedule is quite different at home!
I LOVE to cook so I make the meals, but
this class runs during mealtimes, and I
have missed some of the most important events
of the day for some. :)
I had Monday off from classes and
I received alot of compliments about the meals!
It is kind of nice to know if your appreciated.
Some more news...
we are not going to go forward with the next adoption.
I and my parents really don't know why,
but it is not what we are meant to do.
It is confusing why we were SO excited and everything worked out,
but now many red flags have come up.
I don't know what the big puzzle is in this life,
so I can't tell you why the sudden change.