Sunday, November 25, 2007

Can you do it???Solution

Ok, here is a quiz that Tristan has in his new book that he received for his birthday. Each rectangle is a house and the circles stand for water, electricity, and gas. Grab a paper and pencil and draw your own sketch.
Draw a pipe (line) so water goes to each house and gas and electricity go to each house. The catch is: the pipes can NOT cross each other. The circles and rectangles can go any where on your paper. I will tell the solution soon!
Solution: It's impossible

Friday, November 23, 2007

Holidays are starting!

Today we decorated cookies, bigs on one table and littles on the other table.
Vonn is being goofy on the first picture while waiting for the rest of the supplies to arrive. Auntie Susie can be thanked for all the cookies frosting and sprinkles. She bought store cookies because by the time you finish baking, your to worn out to decorate!
So we had fun, littles used sprinkles and bigs got to use fancy dispensers.
The tray of cookies are done by Reuben, Ran, Aaron, SuZenn, Magdalyn, and Benjamin.
Even though much hard effort was put into artwork, we unfortunately never found the time to gobble them up. So children and and old ones alike went to bed without a crumb! (well... that I know of !) Hopefully no one will suffer tomorrow.
Later today our neighbor pulled in with a dump truck. What are they doing???
Come to find out, it was set on his heart to give us some wood!!
WOW! To see some pictures go to my Mom's blog, .
God bless!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!

For our holiday this year my Mother's sister came up to celebrate with us. Since she lives down in St. Paul we exchanged Christmas gifts. This year Auntie Susan knitted something for each one of us( that is alot!). All the children received hats except Seleen and I, we got soft fuzzy scarves.

Then while waiting for the turkey to be done, everyone gathered in groups here and there and did activities. Like playing games but mostly enjoying their new gifts.

Dinner! Ok we made a big table to fit everyone, but we enjoy our space so the big boys were booted to the small tables.

Quentin is adoring and drooling over dessert, pumpkin pie pudding. Much easier than the pie itself and tastes just as good!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Here is a picture of the Johnson baby!
(can you tell by the blog we are getting baby fever?)
She is so tiny and so very adorable!
Hopefully ours will come soon!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Remember Karen, who was expecting and stayed with us last month?
Today we got a call this morning that today might be the day!
All in our family that was available, gathered together and prayed that everything would go smooth, no complications or of the sort.
Then, at 6:30 we got the call! THE JOHNSON BABY IS A GIRL!
8lb 14oz so little too!
God Bless you Johnson Baby!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


If you have seen my Mom's blog you might recall her telling about a Wednesday night program that we attend called Awana. Finally, pictures about it!
Every night there is something you can do for extra points. Sometimes it is wearing a certain color like red or your team color. This time we were bible characters.I'll see if I can name some out, the first picture is Aaron dressed as Joesph(Aaron's middle name), then Quentin and Reuben as Goliath and David.
The last picture is Levin as Samuel (that is Levin's middle name) and Seleen as Ruth.
Magdalyn dressed up as Queen Esther, Rolaun as Zecheriah and I know there are more but I would need to ask around of what they were again!
Until the next update! ~Joy