Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Life here is excitng as always, right now it is so cold the cars won't even start, piano lessons are canceled, Awana is canceled, the baby shower for yesterday is delayed until Friday.
So I guess one could say we are stuck inside for a couple of days.
In the meantime Suzenn is posing to show off a skirt that Seleen made for her, WOW!
It is so pretty! God is going to use this girl for something special, I just know it.
Reuben saw the camera and had to pose, even if he despises getting his picture taking. HIs favorite way of wearing his pants is inside out and backwards. We let him get his own pants while we are working on potty training, it is going good so far!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grand Prix

Last Wednesday was the racing Grand Prix, Quentin won the first prize of the best design, a mini race track.

Here is a variety of cars, Brandon's is the pencil car in the front, Seleen is the dark blue bullet car in the back right hand corner

Vonn made headlights on his car, he was so proud, thinking he was the first to ever do that, but we found many other vehicles with headlights, at the Grand Prix and online grand prix cars.

My car this year had the theme, do not sit in the lace of honor, sit in the lowest place.

Here is Quentin's car!

Our fancy Awana scale.

The empty audience

Thank-you everyone who helped.

This year was Reuben's first year racing! He was so proud!

Vonn did the sound effects

Please pray for our neighbor! They just found out that their little 3 year old boy has Celiac disease, he is allergic to gluten, which is in almost EVERYTHING! to find out more go to


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today when Rachel came over (she helps Benjamin out) she brought over a lamb only a few days old. We had alot of fun watching him drink his milk. I think Seleen enjoyed him the most, she stayed by his side the whole time!
Right now 11 of us are watching ma and pa kettle the movie. Reuben is on my lap wrapped in a fleece blanket. Despite the blaring fires in the stoves we are still cold , I guess we should be since it is 20 below and getting colder. The other day I said to Mom," I don't like this cold but I REALLY don't like it when it is hot".Oh well, that is Minnesota for you, too hot, too cold.
 The rest of the crew went down to the cities, Dad is taking training for Awana commander. Mom is visiting with Auntie Dani and her family, and finding good bargains!
Tomorrow (Sunday) I am going to do a chalk art picture for the Lancaster Covenant church Sunday school children, I pray that it all turns out!
Well, by the end of this letter, a half an hour has gone by, because every sentence or so something happened. Let's see, 4 children got tucked in, 6 ears cleaned, 1 stove tended to and 1 little two year old waiting with patience for his night snack. He only eats at night. :) So I am going to go for now, I wonder what is in the fridge after I tuck in two more children. ;)
Oh there goes the phone.

Friday, January 18, 2008


What a warm day it was when this event took place, as I write, it is still ten below and no one can go out to expel energy. Looking through the pictures you can see that some of us don't even have our coats on.

In Karlstad there is a community outdoor skating rink and warming shack. Great place!

I thought this picture looked so cool! But then... there's that dead person in the background. I have know idea who it is, tho I lean more on the idea that it is Quentin!

Wow! I can't believe that Benjamin can skate! He has come along way and it is still hard to do some things for him.


Finally, the smart way to skate.

SuZenn 4 , the charming princess.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


The new year is here and so are adventures.
Starting with Quentin. The boys decided to try out new hill across our river. Down the hill went Quentin, crashed his sled in a branch. The sled stayed, while Quentin flew to the bottom of the hill, unharmed and laughing away.
And then the attack of his sled. It came lose, followed him down and CRASHED into his lower lip. Which lead a run to the hospital to get 4 stitches.
Quentin was very brave. He tries to laugh about his jokes that he tells about getting into a fight and getting his share of it.
The next subject is our Ranch. For some silly reason we used to fill little salad dressing bottles for easy handling. Why not try a syrup bottle? This way the ranch only has 220 calories per 1/4th cup!