Thursday, January 24, 2008

Grand Prix

Last Wednesday was the racing Grand Prix, Quentin won the first prize of the best design, a mini race track.

Here is a variety of cars, Brandon's is the pencil car in the front, Seleen is the dark blue bullet car in the back right hand corner

Vonn made headlights on his car, he was so proud, thinking he was the first to ever do that, but we found many other vehicles with headlights, at the Grand Prix and online grand prix cars.

My car this year had the theme, do not sit in the lace of honor, sit in the lowest place.

Here is Quentin's car!

Our fancy Awana scale.

The empty audience

Thank-you everyone who helped.

This year was Reuben's first year racing! He was so proud!

Vonn did the sound effects

Please pray for our neighbor! They just found out that their little 3 year old boy has Celiac disease, he is allergic to gluten, which is in almost EVERYTHING! to find out more go to


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Anonymous said...

Hi JoyAnn!
Oh,that picture of Rueben is SOOO
CUTE!:) (And Karron too.:)
I hope to download the pictures off of my camera today,so I will try to send some to you!
See you tomorrow!?
Love,Ruth K