Monday, May 31, 2010

Tomrrow we go into Mexico...

This is what the city of El Paso looks like from the mountain. Imagine the picture with the lights each representing a lost soul-except to get the depth of the picture-times the size by ten times.
                    If God calls you- wouldn't you go?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

going for a walk down the driveway


my home away from home.

Mrs. Jarvis' purse is shaped like a saddle -love it!

My bed is the bottom bunk with the blue sheet and white pillow

our little living room

our personal kitchen

Here are some of the things I will be busy with

This is what my little place looks like that I am sharing with the other girls that are working as staff also. It is going to be a grand month of June!

The airport and in the air

Hello everyone!
Well, today is the day!!!
Rachel, Ruth Knapp, and I flew out from Minneapolis, bright and early this morning. Checking in went very good, not to much hassle, so we had plenty of time to waste. Better early than late!
While we were walking around, I noticed one of the stores were named, "Kittson County Clothing". So I had to take a picture and show you all up north. :)
While in the air over Texas, it was interesting to notice the land turn from lush green to an abrupt sand color. I haven't gotten to look the land over yet, to adore the heat or use my camera to take pictures of the wildlife ( Reuben, keep praying to keep all the wild animals away! ).
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jarvis picked us up at the  El Paso airport after a LONG day of travel. After talking with them in the airport while we waited for baggage and in the van, while traveling to the mission, I found by their great character, that I would like this couple very much!
Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis run this mission down here, so church groups can come on short term mission trips and minister the the people in Mexico. To learn more about them, go to:
I will be working on the staff and helping with the groups for this month, along with 5 other girls around my age ( we talked for a bit and we all have the same background -oldest of large family, homeschooled ). We are living in this little apartment together. I feel at home with all the wonderful people that are here! The month is going to FLY by.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm HERE!!
I have been planning to go to Mexico/Texas for months and it's actually happening!!
  Rachel, Ruth Knapp and I traveled down to Minneapolis where we will be flying out.
On the way, we stopped in Staples to visit my Great Grandma Luella. It was right at noon, so we enjoyed lunch together and then went out in the veranda to play some music for Grandma. She loved to hear the music flow through the air! Grandma has her eyes closed while listening to the old hymns and remembering.
Our next adventure was to find Aunti Dani's home without getting lost, God is good! We made it safe and sound, just in time for some awesome home cooking. During supper, we talked about all the adventures we might have with the rattlesnakes and scorpions. yikes!
Besides being drowsy, driving went great! Many campers and boats LEFT the city for Memorial weekend, but our lane seemed quite empty. Making the traffic very nice for us country folk.
Until next time!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blessing God's way shower for Megan

Here are some pictures of the shower that the Knapp girls hosted for Megan. The party was set up in the basement of the Karlstad gospel tabernacle, and with such splendid decoration!   Streamers, candles, baby toys, and flowers laced the room so splendidly. Sweet aromas fill the air from the potpourri used to massage Megan's feet and hands. The little girl's who were invited to the event came and made the future mama's hair, "pretty".
As the Pankratz' gift, we took two packages of size 1 diapers, rolled them up and made the cutest diaper cake!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

God is Good!

I am overwhelmed at the greatness of our Lord!
I have just finished a day that we have been preparing for quite some time. I woke early this Sunday morning with excitement, for today I would be presenting a chalk-art during the morning church service! To add even more to the blessings, a fundraiser taco lunch will be hosted after the service.

Mom and I packed the mini-van with meat and beans that was prepared ahead of time. Along for the ride was the chalk-art picture with only the background drawn on it. We worked in the Covenant church kitchen chopping, cutting, and growing more and more excited for the day ahead. I wasn't nervous to talk about the trip, why be worried when God is on your side? He shows Himself so wonderfully! Like every time I hear or see a thunderstorm, it reminds me of Gods great love for me! I don't believe it was coincidence that the first thunderstorm of the year came last night while my mind was sketching out today's agenda.
I lift up my hands and give it all to Him! These may be my hands, but they are His work!
I'm so thankful for the help of Shannon, our neighbor, who put the load of planning the meal and ordering all the food on her shoulders!
Also to the sound crew dimmed the lights during the sermon at the right time.

To Pastor Galen who spoke during the chalk drawing (we ended at the same time- not rehearsed!)
And to EVERYONE who has supported me with funds, prayers, and AMAZING fellowship!
I am so blessed and overwhelmed with gratitude to everyone at the Lancaster Covenant church.

The Knapp girls and I leave on Friday for TX!