Saturday, May 29, 2010

The airport and in the air

Hello everyone!
Well, today is the day!!!
Rachel, Ruth Knapp, and I flew out from Minneapolis, bright and early this morning. Checking in went very good, not to much hassle, so we had plenty of time to waste. Better early than late!
While we were walking around, I noticed one of the stores were named, "Kittson County Clothing". So I had to take a picture and show you all up north. :)
While in the air over Texas, it was interesting to notice the land turn from lush green to an abrupt sand color. I haven't gotten to look the land over yet, to adore the heat or use my camera to take pictures of the wildlife ( Reuben, keep praying to keep all the wild animals away! ).
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jarvis picked us up at the  El Paso airport after a LONG day of travel. After talking with them in the airport while we waited for baggage and in the van, while traveling to the mission, I found by their great character, that I would like this couple very much!
Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis run this mission down here, so church groups can come on short term mission trips and minister the the people in Mexico. To learn more about them, go to:
I will be working on the staff and helping with the groups for this month, along with 5 other girls around my age ( we talked for a bit and we all have the same background -oldest of large family, homeschooled ). We are living in this little apartment together. I feel at home with all the wonderful people that are here! The month is going to FLY by.

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Beth said...

So glad you made it down there safe and sound!!
I am glad that you are going to like it too!!
So are Ruth and Rachel in a different room??
How many girls are down there for the month?