Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm HERE!!
I have been planning to go to Mexico/Texas for months and it's actually happening!!
  Rachel, Ruth Knapp and I traveled down to Minneapolis where we will be flying out.
On the way, we stopped in Staples to visit my Great Grandma Luella. It was right at noon, so we enjoyed lunch together and then went out in the veranda to play some music for Grandma. She loved to hear the music flow through the air! Grandma has her eyes closed while listening to the old hymns and remembering.
Our next adventure was to find Aunti Dani's home without getting lost, God is good! We made it safe and sound, just in time for some awesome home cooking. During supper, we talked about all the adventures we might have with the rattlesnakes and scorpions. yikes!
Besides being drowsy, driving went great! Many campers and boats LEFT the city for Memorial weekend, but our lane seemed quite empty. Making the traffic very nice for us country folk.
Until next time!

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