Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I know, we already spoke about the coconuts. But catching most of Reuben's reaction is to cute to keep to myself! So I hope you enjoy this story.....

OOOH! Good, finally(!) someone is passing the wonderful delightful looking coconut milk! Would you mind passing some this way?

Thank-you! yum!

YUM??? YUUUUKKK!!! (gag)

I don't know, I guess I can try again. Maybe it was just my imagination...

Here it goes...

Uh, um, no. This is not right. Milk doesn't taste like this.

Here, Mom. Really, this is no good. It's just, just, not any good.

Friday, September 21, 2007


The fear of man is a snare but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe. ~Proverbs 29:25

This verse is so beautiful and is wonderful and comforting words to tell younger ones and sometimes ourselves!


Today another adventure in our homeschooling expedition was the coconut.
Every year it is fun when Mom purchases a coconut for us to touch, crack open, taste the milk, and wonder what to do with the meat. First we passed it around and felt the hardness while it was explained that the coconuts outside shell is green.
The coconut in the bowl shows that it can float and alot of the coconuts drift in the ocean. While it is there in the water for many days, it sprouts, lands, and becomes a tree!

Do you see Tristan's expression? Right at this moment Mom is reading that long, long ago Spanish & Portuguese explorers found the coconut and were taken by the three little eyes on it. The coconut reminded them of a grinning face and named them coco, some have translated the word coco to mean monkey face. So Tristan is making his great monkey face, many of us liked this interesting info!

Now for the great part! Cracking the coconut open with the hammer and nail. Dad got that job since at was quite difficult.

If someone is trying the coconut milk for the first time the expression may look something like this:I guess one has to get used to it!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


This is the morning of the of re-enacting at the pioneer village. Quentin is on the left and Levin on the right. We found it sooo much easier to put the children's clothes on that they are going to wear the next day, to just put them on before bed.

Quentin and Levin don't seem to excited to get up!

For the first time, Seleen and I did our presentations in the beautiful Victorian house built in 1905. Sometimes SuZenn and others came to visit us and do needlepoint.

Now upon entering the cabin site Vonn is starting on making a canoe out of some wood he brought along.

Like I said, it was cold! The second day turned out really lovely through it all. Starting on the left is Aaron, Levin, and Tristan, there is Brandon after that but he did not make the shot.

Walking outside SuZenn, Magdalyn, and Rolaun are taking care of the rabbits. It was a great idea for the little ones to do something and the classes always enjoy seeing the pets.

I have finally learned the blogger trick. When you are busy, the time to blog seems impossible. And when you are bored, it seems like you are not by your blog.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

September 13th

It is soooo cold! OK I guess if it was winter we would be rejoicing at the warmth!
But when it is still considered summer in our minds, it is cold!
Today went very well at the pioneer village, The girls and some of the boys did something new.
We did our acting in the Victorian house instead of the little cabins.
It is SO pretty to be in the house and imagining it like it may have been a hundred years ago.
Tomorrow is another day there at the village and we hear it will be colder, out comes the hat and mittens!
In the winter at our house we all just sleep in sleeping bags, everyone has preferred that way instead of blankets. So tonight many request rumbled our wall because of the temperature.
Tonight we shall dream away in our sleeping bags.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another day in life

Last Sunday when we came home from camping, on our doorstep was clothing. It sure was wonderful to get it! News came to us that while we would go camping, our town was having their fall fest . Games, lunches, and RUMMAGE SALES!

What a bummer to miss it. So here was our surprise and blessings that the sales came to us!
So....... Today is laundry day. After when most of the laundry is done, all of us gather into the living room to reap our clean clothes.
Mom holds the clothing up and most of the time someone claims it. When that happens it is thrown to you like the way the mother serves breakfast on the movie cheaper by the dozen.

ALOT of clothes...........it still goes on!

Tomorrow almost the whole family is going to re-enact at the pioneer village in TRF. Hopefully this time I will remember to bring the camera to tell about it.

See you then!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cousin Birthday


Last Monday my little cousin ( ok she turned six already!!)
had a birthday party at the lake. Although it was to chilly to swim, other activities kept us busy , like rollerblading and bike riding. Of course, we can't forget the pretty cake!

One other fun and exciting adventure was a pinata!
The youngest went first afterward the next in line. It went all the way to Vonn , by then the pinata had no identity of it's own.

It is a wonderful experience to see little children do something for the first time!

To make it fair everyone was allowed 3 hits, by the time Reuben finished his second of he went!

In the background is the birthday girl. Shelby's expression seems to say" oh, boy!".

Here comes SuZenn!

Watch out Quentin!!!!!!! Aaron might hit the wrong object!

Now, where did that pinata go??? Oh good job Benjamin!!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Family closet

One of the most favorite family activities in our house is building!
( One could probably guess that by our HUGE addition )

The next needed room in our house is a family closet. So in one hour shopping and around three hours of heavy working, a closet was born!

The room is upstairs and was used as a " don't know where to put it" storage. So it was cleaned out ( it turned out not to bad of a mess!) and put to good use!

Reuben loved to help Vonn get the nails.