Friday, September 21, 2007


Today another adventure in our homeschooling expedition was the coconut.
Every year it is fun when Mom purchases a coconut for us to touch, crack open, taste the milk, and wonder what to do with the meat. First we passed it around and felt the hardness while it was explained that the coconuts outside shell is green.
The coconut in the bowl shows that it can float and alot of the coconuts drift in the ocean. While it is there in the water for many days, it sprouts, lands, and becomes a tree!

Do you see Tristan's expression? Right at this moment Mom is reading that long, long ago Spanish & Portuguese explorers found the coconut and were taken by the three little eyes on it. The coconut reminded them of a grinning face and named them coco, some have translated the word coco to mean monkey face. So Tristan is making his great monkey face, many of us liked this interesting info!

Now for the great part! Cracking the coconut open with the hammer and nail. Dad got that job since at was quite difficult.

If someone is trying the coconut milk for the first time the expression may look something like this:I guess one has to get used to it!


~Aleksandra~ said...

Oh, how cute!


Anonymous said...

Oh! The picture of Rueben is sooo
cute! :)
I always enjoyed it when we had lessons about coconuts.
(But I never really liked the milk from it.)
See you tomorrow!