Monday, April 26, 2010

What I do on my spare time :)

On the way home I saw a field on fire two miles south from our home. I stopped and noticed that the fire was just started because it covered an area no bigger than my car. No one was around, who dared start a fire? I wasn't too pleased. Yes, the land is the DNRs, but I was still mad. #1 If you start a fire, it is your responsibilty to finish it. #2 There is a Minnesota law enforced unitl further notice to have NO uncontrolled fires,due to the dry weather. #3 I had compassion on the firefighters who have been running around all day putting out other crazy fires.
So, I grabbed my car mat and went about smothering the fire out, while in my scrubs. :)
Called Dad, and he came to my rescue. Together, we conquered and instilled peace in the land once again.
A job well done, is a job well earned.