Tuesday, February 26, 2008

end of feb.

Last week Mom got each of the children their own deck of cards. After putting the childs initails on each card they were passed out. That way there is much less confusion on playing games. So today everyone had their cards out playing games, like solitaire and jelly. I also saw some awesome card buildings and something like dominoes but made out of cards.
This afternoon I replaced my glasses with new dark purple ones. Another wonderful happening was a wisdom tooth yanked out. Just kidding, I was not that thrilled. All went really good, the worst part was being nervous about it. 

Monday, February 18, 2008


Little Karron is already two months! Where does the time go?
I think the sickness has left us(HALLELUJAH!) but I should not celebrate to soon incase we come down with it again.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Last Friday, nine Pankratz' went skiing, it was fantastic!
We started the day by waking up at  5 to 5:30 and departed the house at 6.
Sometime during the 3 hour ride we enjoyed our breakfast of muffins.
Then after arriving at the ski area http://www.bvskiarea.com/ we got our rental boots, skis and headed to the bunny hill . Most of us went to learn but a couple of us like Dad, Vonn, Quentin, and I went for a refreshers course.
The weather was splendidly warm through out the whole day and I was able to meet some of the Trott family. We are planning to visit them soon so it was plesant to reconize faces with names!
By the time it was time to leave at 2:30, everyone was plum tuckered out! So it was pretty quiet in the van until food was passed out and energy was restored.
After we arrived home, almost everyone came down with a fever and respitory problems. some of us still have it but are getting better. PASS OUT THE TUSSIN AND PAIN RELIEVER!