Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last Thursday Mom, Benjamin, Rachel ( Benjamin's personal care assistant), Rolaun and I went to Grand Forks. The story starts actually 2 months ago when I went to a thrift store in GF. And some one working at the thrift store was just setting up a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress for only ten dollars. TEN dollars! That is all?? But what do I need a wedding dress for? ( Really, I have no need for it now in my life) But it sure is pretty! So I left it there and went on with life. A month later Vonn and I went and the dress was still there! ( ok when has something so pretty stayed in a store so long in the front window?)
But I still don't need a dress, but I said to Vonn, " Ok, If I see it a third time and it is half off then I will get it". Well, you can see from the picture it was still in the front window and half off. So we had a photo shoot and playing around with the camera. It is fun to go trooping around the house like the little girls do and have every one say "oohhh Pretty!" ,(Mostly from Reuben). Who knows what the future holds though!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hot Cocoa

For those cold days ahead of us:

~Hot cocoa mix~
4 cups powdered milk
1 cup unsweetened cocoa
2 cups sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
Mix together and use 1/4 cup per cup of HOT water
( the older ones use boiling water and
younger ones hot water from the faucet)
Makes 20 cups

Friday, October 19, 2007

Johnson's stay

Well, the Johnsons went home today. This week went by really fast!! And we had such a wonderful time we are going to miss them so much. This is their littlest one for the moment... their mom is due any day!

Mathew, the Johnson's 6 year old had a great time swinging SuZenn!


Elizabeth and I went on a photograph adventure. Did you know that if you get the sun in a small enough area it will make a star shape?

This is Elizabeth (15) she was really patient while I worked on the perfect shot.

Then it was my turn to get on the roof of the playhouse.(gulp) the good news, I didn't fall off!

Baby Blessing

This is Karen the mother of Johnson family. She is a wonderful person to be around and the BEST cook! (needless to say we ate well during their stay!) Karen also is expecting her tenth child and she has never had a baby shower and not to many baby gifts. So our young ladies Bible study had a surprise blessing God's way for her. It started with the songs count your blessings and Amazing Grace. Some reading from Rebekah and soaking Karen feet. Elizabeth did her hair while some rubbed her hands and these two little girls rubbed Karen's feet. After a time candles were lit and blessings and encouragements were said. If you have a moment right now, will you say a prayer for Karen? Thanks!

Johnson stay #2

One night when the Mom's went out Dad had a bonfire outside. Although, it was a bit too cold for the babies so we had a special one inside with cookies, marshmallows, and a candle. That was more memorable for us!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ok here is finally a picture of Magdalyn with her new hair cut.
It turned out really good even though everyone who knows her pretty well have a shock for a while!
So some new things at our house: a family from Wisconsin that is really good friends of ours is staying at our house for a week. So far it has been two great days seeing old friends.
Another event is I started working at a restaurant as a waitress and cashier.
Today a hardware store near us was having a customer appreciation day with free hamburgers and hot dogs. Yum!!
I will talk later!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Never a dull moment

Oh boy,what a busy week! First I will explain the pictures and you can read it on Mom's blog http://www.panclaninmn.blogspot.com/ . We have been talking about cutting Mag's hair and we finally did. It is short but, why cut it, and throw it away? So it was chopped off, and enough was donated to locks of love. Mag is LOVING her hair short, she is such a tomboy.
Not yesterday, but the Tuesday before, everyone but Dad went to Hallock. Vonn and all ages down got their pictures taken, three had dentist appointments, and some went to the chiropractor.
There sure is never a dull moment at our house and when it happens to be, some one makes sure we are entertained. This time it happened to be me.... . Vonn was driving when he pulled away from the curb. I always have some sort of yarn project and this time my seat was right next to the door. Put two and two together and what do you suppose happened?
If you guessed right, it is hilarious! I started knitting away and yanked the yarn to get more and it would not come. Was I stepping on it? I looked down and the strand of yarn lead straight out the door while we were a half a block away from our departure! In my surprise I squeaked out a " stop the car!' in a non excited voice. Vonn said, " Don't worry I will stop soon" my reply, " I dropped my yarn out the door!". WHAT says everyone, Mom makes Vonn stop, I jump out to search for the yarn and it is gone! Broken right off, so in desperate attempt I went over to the beginning place we took off. The yarn was found across the street and all who were weary in the car now had a comedy to remember. What a day.