Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Last Thursday Mom, Benjamin, Rachel ( Benjamin's personal care assistant), Rolaun and I went to Grand Forks. The story starts actually 2 months ago when I went to a thrift store in GF. And some one working at the thrift store was just setting up a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress for only ten dollars. TEN dollars! That is all?? But what do I need a wedding dress for? ( Really, I have no need for it now in my life) But it sure is pretty! So I left it there and went on with life. A month later Vonn and I went and the dress was still there! ( ok when has something so pretty stayed in a store so long in the front window?)
But I still don't need a dress, but I said to Vonn, " Ok, If I see it a third time and it is half off then I will get it". Well, you can see from the picture it was still in the front window and half off. So we had a photo shoot and playing around with the camera. It is fun to go trooping around the house like the little girls do and have every one say "oohhh Pretty!" ,(Mostly from Reuben). Who knows what the future holds though!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
That is neat,if God really want's you to have something,He will work it out!
See you tonight!
Love,Ruth K.

~Aleksandra~ said...

That is so pretty!!! Did the hat come with or not? It was only 10$?? That is such a pretty dress for so little.

Aleks .K.

~AliisaJoy~ said...

Oh, beautiful!!! For only $5, you can't go wrong!! Amazing how clear He made it that you should buy it!! Who knows, maybe you'll have a need for it sooner than you think . . . . ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey JoyAnn,
One question,did it fit perfectly,or did you have to do alterations??
Mom,Rose,& I went to the Seventh Day Adventist store in TRF today,and got 4 skirts,a blouse,and a vest REALLY cheap!
I'll have to tell you more another time!
Love,Ruth K.

JoyAnn said...

The wedding dress is pretty!
The hat did come with, and no alternations were needed, it fit perfectly.
So who knows what it will be used for! The dress is fancy yet modest exactly what kind of dress style I would look for too!

Rebekah said...

JoyAnn, I saw that exact dress & thought it was so pretty too. Wonderful to hear that you got it. You never know what the Lord has in store for you.

Beth said...

I just love the pictures JoyAnn. I think that your sister loved seeing you march around in that dress just as much as Reuben.
I know I tease you a lot but I am not sure I am ready to see you married off. Love Mom