Thursday, November 8, 2007


If you have seen my Mom's blog you might recall her telling about a Wednesday night program that we attend called Awana. Finally, pictures about it!
Every night there is something you can do for extra points. Sometimes it is wearing a certain color like red or your team color. This time we were bible characters.I'll see if I can name some out, the first picture is Aaron dressed as Joesph(Aaron's middle name), then Quentin and Reuben as Goliath and David.
The last picture is Levin as Samuel (that is Levin's middle name) and Seleen as Ruth.
Magdalyn dressed up as Queen Esther, Rolaun as Zecheriah and I know there are more but I would need to ask around of what they were again!
Until the next update! ~Joy


Ruth K. said...

Hey JoyAnn!
Nice Pictures.:)
I especially like the first one of David and Goliath.:)

JoyAnn said...

Hello Ruth!
Thanks, isn't Quentin a comedian?!

Ruth K said...

Yes He is! :)