Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The kids there LOVE to get their picture taken!!
The first words we heard from them when our cameras where pulled out are,
"Shoot me!! Shoot me!!!"

My precious African girls

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey! Some of the South Africa team!
The girls did a good job putting on a smile, but Tommy seemed to have his mind set on the awaited pizza instead of the present photographer.
From left to Right: Tommy, Beth, Laura, Elizabeth, and JoyAnn (me!)

The veiw from the top of of little mountain looking down on our home away from home.
The beauty of photo enhancement.

Yet, Mavhusa was this amazing.

Kruger National Park

Welcome to Kruger National Park,
where the electric fence is meant to keep you out and them in.

The beauty of the National flower is outstanding!

The river is the attraction of all the creatures, hippos, crocidiles, giraffes, springbok, waterbuffalos, baboon, and countless birds!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

South Africa

My memories in Africa are priceless, amazing, undescribable.
"Go into all the earth, and tell the good news"

From August 1st to the 18th, I went on a mission trip to share Christ's love in South Africa. Our group -Global Encounters- stayed in a village called Mavhusa, and gave hope in the short time we stayed. In the schools or in the streets, we did children's programs to teach the kids about character. One of the most important things a Christian can do is live a christian life, and our main goal was to give a vision to the people in Africa.

We shared the importance of Self control, initiative, dependability, and joyfulness.

The kids and adults in Mavhusa know about Christians and prayer, but to them, it's just a duty or something you recite. When our team came, we laid down a foundation, that being a christian is more than talk. How amazing it was to her the testimony of one young man who changed his life just by watching our walk with Christ!

My time spent there was a learning experience and it certainly went to short!