Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Summer end

ooo how sad it is! Summer is over! The last few months we have been going to the pool and now it is closed.
Oh well, we had a great time! Here is Rolaun jumping into the pool for one last jump of the year.
The trees are still green but the tips are changing color. Some of us are sad but some are excitedthat it is closer to winter, snow!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Wow, what busy week!

It started the Friday before with going camping close to Itasca State Park. The event was Pioneer Farmers, a non-profit organization for us to remember the pioneers. Everyone had an enjoyable time! Some adored tractors and others worked in the kitchen while some just hung around. Then late Sunday we arrived home for a DEEP sleep.
But the most exciting news! Adoption day arrived!
Last Tuesday, the time was set, the phone rang and the judge spoke. Before we knew it, in less then 2 minutes there was 4 new pankratz children! To celebrate our plan was to go get a large ice cream cone for everyone. Unfortunately the flavor on the machines at the restaurant were not running, so we ran over to the gas station for ice cream. Afterwards all settled down for wonderful tastes and wonderful friends: each other.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Joy Anne

Last week I mentioned a blessing God's way party. Here is a picture of Ruth and I doing the expecting mother's hair. Who last Saturday had her baby! The little girl's name is Joy and her middle name is Anne. The father named Joy Anne without knowing my name. It was exciting to hear this story!


The third stop in Winnipeg was a beautiful old house. This is one of the rooms where the Lady of the house and her friends would sit , chat , and sew.

Afterward we went on an hour and a half boat tour. It was so refreshing in the summers heat!

The circle part on the top of this building is the revolving restaurant where you can enjoy viewing the entire city while the floor beneat you moves.
And here we are enjoying dinner at the revolving restaurant while we are dressed casual and all around us are high quality dress.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Trip to Winnipeg

Last Saturday some wonderful friends and I went to Winnipeg, Manitoba for a special day for Ruth, for her graduation this year. The first place we attended was the Forks, there was a variety of different shops. At noon we went to eat at in an 1866 house in the tea room! It was beautiful place.

The dining area was an addition put on in the mid 1900's, not sure on the date. The windows added a historic atmosphere!
Each lady in our party ordered tea along with our meal. Some of the options included rasberry, rose petal, french vanilla, and mixed fruit.

Monday, August 6, 2007


It's harvest time!

While cleaning the carrots this was one voted as our favorite! Some of us say it looks like a heart (the girls) but I did not find out if my brothers agree yet.
Today Mom, Seleen, SuZenn, Reuben and I went to Grand Forks (it is an hour and a half away from us) for a party similar to a baby shower but blessing it God's way. Anyway on the way there Mom received a call saying that the lady hosting the party would not be able to make it.
So we volunteered, Mom has done one in the past so it was not a huge shock! Well it turned out wonderful, I think that the mom due had a swell time. Tomorrow we are re-enacting in Thief River Falls for the Pioneer village. Hopefully we will get some pictures!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Yesterday we had a busy but fun day. It started in Hallock with the zoo man. Every year he brings extraordinary animals. This year one exciting moment was about a python that lives under dead leaves but there was no dead leaves, what could we use?.............. How about Brandon!?

OOOOOO you should have seen his face when he found out what was going to happen! The python was to be put in his shirt! He was very brave, not many others would volunteer!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Little hands

After every meal each individual in the family has cleaning chores. One is washing the stairs (it is amazing how dirty they get!) , right before the noon meal Reuben found a washrag and started washing the stairs. It was so adorable! Especially since Reuben has never had to do this and he was cleaning by observing his older siblings.