Monday, August 6, 2007


It's harvest time!

While cleaning the carrots this was one voted as our favorite! Some of us say it looks like a heart (the girls) but I did not find out if my brothers agree yet.
Today Mom, Seleen, SuZenn, Reuben and I went to Grand Forks (it is an hour and a half away from us) for a party similar to a baby shower but blessing it God's way. Anyway on the way there Mom received a call saying that the lady hosting the party would not be able to make it.
So we volunteered, Mom has done one in the past so it was not a huge shock! Well it turned out wonderful, I think that the mom due had a swell time. Tomorrow we are re-enacting in Thief River Falls for the Pioneer village. Hopefully we will get some pictures!

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Beth said...

Thought you should share that the lady had her baby and named her Joy first name and Anne middle name, kind of cool hey??