Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Never a dull moment

Oh boy,what a busy week! First I will explain the pictures and you can read it on Mom's blog . We have been talking about cutting Mag's hair and we finally did. It is short but, why cut it, and throw it away? So it was chopped off, and enough was donated to locks of love. Mag is LOVING her hair short, she is such a tomboy.
Not yesterday, but the Tuesday before, everyone but Dad went to Hallock. Vonn and all ages down got their pictures taken, three had dentist appointments, and some went to the chiropractor.
There sure is never a dull moment at our house and when it happens to be, some one makes sure we are entertained. This time it happened to be me.... . Vonn was driving when he pulled away from the curb. I always have some sort of yarn project and this time my seat was right next to the door. Put two and two together and what do you suppose happened?
If you guessed right, it is hilarious! I started knitting away and yanked the yarn to get more and it would not come. Was I stepping on it? I looked down and the strand of yarn lead straight out the door while we were a half a block away from our departure! In my surprise I squeaked out a " stop the car!' in a non excited voice. Vonn said, " Don't worry I will stop soon" my reply, " I dropped my yarn out the door!". WHAT says everyone, Mom makes Vonn stop, I jump out to search for the yarn and it is gone! Broken right off, so in desperate attempt I went over to the beginning place we took off. The yarn was found across the street and all who were weary in the car now had a comedy to remember. What a day.


Anonymous said...

Oh that would have been funny to see happen!:)
Love ya Joy!
Ruth K.

Anonymous said...

Oh,and I do like Mag's haircut. :)

JoyAnn said...

Hi Ruth!
You would have laughed if you were there!
Today all of the children made a movie today.It was 'The boy who cried wolf', I held the camera, Quentin was the boy, Mag was a sheep and everyone else but Vonn Reuben and SuZenn were the towns people. Vonn got the extension cords and ran the motor bike. You will have to come over soon to see it! See you later, Joy

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun!
Your family is getting to be quite the group of actors and actresses!