Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ok here is finally a picture of Magdalyn with her new hair cut.
It turned out really good even though everyone who knows her pretty well have a shock for a while!
So some new things at our house: a family from Wisconsin that is really good friends of ours is staying at our house for a week. So far it has been two great days seeing old friends.
Another event is I started working at a restaurant as a waitress and cashier.
Today a hardware store near us was having a customer appreciation day with free hamburgers and hot dogs. Yum!!
I will talk later!

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Anonymous said...

Hi JoyAnn!
Nice picture of Magdalyn.:)
I see you now have music on your blog! Nice:) (although with dial-up it is taking a while to get the whole song.)
Oh,Sunday evening I got another deer! We got a total of 8 deer between Phillip,Dad,Paul,and I.
in two days! PTL!