Tuesday, February 26, 2008

end of feb.

Last week Mom got each of the children their own deck of cards. After putting the childs initails on each card they were passed out. That way there is much less confusion on playing games. So today everyone had their cards out playing games, like solitaire and jelly. I also saw some awesome card buildings and something like dominoes but made out of cards.
This afternoon I replaced my glasses with new dark purple ones. Another wonderful happening was a wisdom tooth yanked out. Just kidding, I was not that thrilled. All went really good, the worst part was being nervous about it. 


Who? Oldest of six said...

Did I get everyone hooked on jelly?? :) It is a fun game. Post a picture of you w/ your glasses so we can see them. Have fun!

Aliisa said...

Oooh, wisdom teeth - fun!! Thankfully, mine aren't even in yet, so it should be a while before I get them pulled (if I even have to get them pulled!).