Monday, March 3, 2008


With all this beautiful weather, who could resist sledding? So that is what we did, Reuben and a cubbie friend is in the sled with an Awana girl pulling him. Mom tells about her day while we wore ourselves out at
Vonn was holding Karron later that night and I could not resist sharing these photos with you!
Karron is a BIG blessing to our family and such a perfect little baby.

About four nights ago I woke up to the sound of squeaking and scurrying sounds in my bedroom wall. NOT AGAIN. Mice like my room ALOT. But I do have to confess that I did have chocolate in my room which was removed immediately and since then the noise has subsided.


All in a Day said...

Did you sled at Lake Bronson?

JoyAnn said...

No, at Old Mill State Park,
my first time!

All in a Day said...

Oh, we were there once. The building in the background looks like a state park building, which is why I had to ask. We're hoping to see you on the 18th!