Saturday, September 1, 2007

Family closet

One of the most favorite family activities in our house is building!
( One could probably guess that by our HUGE addition )

The next needed room in our house is a family closet. So in one hour shopping and around three hours of heavy working, a closet was born!

The room is upstairs and was used as a " don't know where to put it" storage. So it was cleaned out ( it turned out not to bad of a mess!) and put to good use!

Reuben loved to help Vonn get the nails.



Anonymous said...

Wow! looks nice!
It was nice to see you today!
We need to get together and TALK sometime.:)
Ruth K.

Beth said...

looks wonderful I will have to tell people to look at your blog to see our famiy closet.
Oh and Vonn says It is SCREWS!! NOT NAILS LOL

JoyAnn said...

Either I fix the blog and delete your comment so no one goes HUH??
at it. OR I don't fix the blog and leave your comment there to show how much I did on the closet!

The Ulmer Family said...

Wow, what a great closet!! We should think about doing that in our house!!
I found your blog through my dear friend, Aliisa's blog. My attention was caught instantly when I read your profile and saw that there are 14 children in your famil!! I am one of 12- it is such a blessing to be in a large family!!!
I'll be visiting again!!
In Christ,
~Elizabeth U.

~AliisaJoy~ said...

COOL!!!! We've been thinking it would be neat to do something like that, but we don't have a room we could use!