Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cousin Birthday


Last Monday my little cousin ( ok she turned six already!!)
had a birthday party at the lake. Although it was to chilly to swim, other activities kept us busy , like rollerblading and bike riding. Of course, we can't forget the pretty cake!

One other fun and exciting adventure was a pinata!
The youngest went first afterward the next in line. It went all the way to Vonn , by then the pinata had no identity of it's own.

It is a wonderful experience to see little children do something for the first time!

To make it fair everyone was allowed 3 hits, by the time Reuben finished his second of he went!

In the background is the birthday girl. Shelby's expression seems to say" oh, boy!".

Here comes SuZenn!

Watch out Quentin!!!!!!! Aaron might hit the wrong object!

Now, where did that pinata go??? Oh good job Benjamin!!

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