Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another day in life

Last Sunday when we came home from camping, on our doorstep was clothing. It sure was wonderful to get it! News came to us that while we would go camping, our town was having their fall fest . Games, lunches, and RUMMAGE SALES!

What a bummer to miss it. So here was our surprise and blessings that the sales came to us!
So....... Today is laundry day. After when most of the laundry is done, all of us gather into the living room to reap our clean clothes.
Mom holds the clothing up and most of the time someone claims it. When that happens it is thrown to you like the way the mother serves breakfast on the movie cheaper by the dozen.

ALOT of still goes on!

Tomorrow almost the whole family is going to re-enact at the pioneer village in TRF. Hopefully this time I will remember to bring the camera to tell about it.

See you then!


Bethany said...

Thanks for visiting my little home on the web -- and for leaving a comment! It is always fun to know who all is reading. :) Wow -- 14 siblings! That is soooo neat! I have enjoyed browsing your blog as well. God bless you!

Beth said...

so did you bring the camera?? Did you get pictures? Mom

Linda up north said...

This is just how we do it when God gives us clothes from others! Someone claims it and I fling it!
I have enjoyed reading your blog.