Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today when Rachel came over (she helps Benjamin out) she brought over a lamb only a few days old. We had alot of fun watching him drink his milk. I think Seleen enjoyed him the most, she stayed by his side the whole time!
Right now 11 of us are watching ma and pa kettle the movie. Reuben is on my lap wrapped in a fleece blanket. Despite the blaring fires in the stoves we are still cold , I guess we should be since it is 20 below and getting colder. The other day I said to Mom," I don't like this cold but I REALLY don't like it when it is hot".Oh well, that is Minnesota for you, too hot, too cold.
 The rest of the crew went down to the cities, Dad is taking training for Awana commander. Mom is visiting with Auntie Dani and her family, and finding good bargains!
Tomorrow (Sunday) I am going to do a chalk art picture for the Lancaster Covenant church Sunday school children, I pray that it all turns out!
Well, by the end of this letter, a half an hour has gone by, because every sentence or so something happened. Let's see, 4 children got tucked in, 6 ears cleaned, 1 stove tended to and 1 little two year old waiting with patience for his night snack. He only eats at night. :) So I am going to go for now, I wonder what is in the fridge after I tuck in two more children. ;)
Oh there goes the phone.


Anonymous said...

Hey,nice pictures!
I wil try to e-mail an adorable picture of Benjamin,and Barley. (the lamb:)
I had lots of fun at your house.:)
(I like mine too.:)
Hope you survive the ccccoooolllddd
til Wednesday when I see you again!
~Ruth K~

~Aleksandra~ said...

lambs are so cute!!