Thursday, January 3, 2008


The new year is here and so are adventures.
Starting with Quentin. The boys decided to try out new hill across our river. Down the hill went Quentin, crashed his sled in a branch. The sled stayed, while Quentin flew to the bottom of the hill, unharmed and laughing away.
And then the attack of his sled. It came lose, followed him down and CRASHED into his lower lip. Which lead a run to the hospital to get 4 stitches.
Quentin was very brave. He tries to laugh about his jokes that he tells about getting into a fight and getting his share of it.
The next subject is our Ranch. For some silly reason we used to fill little salad dressing bottles for easy handling. Why not try a syrup bottle? This way the ranch only has 220 calories per 1/4th cup!


Kelsey and Lauren Johnson said...

Hi Joy!

We weren't sure of your email address, so we figured out we could leave a message here!

Could you give us the pattern for mittens? You told me (Kelsey) a while ago, but I forgot. Knitting is a good wintertime project I think :) Oh, thanks so much for the yarn!

It was fun looking at your site!

~ Kelsey and Lauren

JoyAnn said...

Hello Kelsey and Lauren!
Here is a good pattern online,

Even though the pattern calls for double pointed needles, it can easily be done with normal needles. For a nice appearance, make the thumb in the middle of your work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!!

JoyAnn said...

kelsey and lauren johnson said...

Thanks so much Joy!!

We'll talk to you later if we have troubles with the mittens! :)

Hope you are having a good, COLD winter!! :) Oh, and congratulations on your new little sister, Karron! I forgot to tell you at art. She sure is cute with all that dark hair!!

~ Kelsey