Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Baby christmas

I don't have any pictures of the treasure hunt but what each individual found was a drawstring bag that I sewed, each with a different design. All of them had a carmel inside and some had trinkets inside too. Suzenn I think enjoyed her's the best! It was a gold colored locket that said I Love You. Her eyes just glowed! And Karron got the cutest gift. A Christmas gown that I found difficult to sew in secret with so many walking by!


Anonymous said...

Hi JoyAnn,
Oh how beautiful Joy! (Karron's outfit:)
Oh, according to the quiz,I am Fanny Price of Mansfield Park...Now I need to read the book!
(Who is she???:)
And Rebekah is Lizzie from Pride & Prejudice! :) Not surprising in the least! :)
Thanks! Love,Ruth K.

JoyAnn said...

I have no idea who Fanny Price is!! Does anyone reading this know??

Anonymous said...

Hey Joy,
I took the quiz again,because I didn't like a couple of things that I marked at first,so now I am Anne Elliot of Persausion. (I LIKE THAT!:)
Rose is Elizabeth Bennett-Pride & Prejudice! (Same as Rebekah!:)
Rachel is going to take it too.
Hmmm who will she be??? :)
See you tomorrow? Love,Ruth K.

Klahn Family said...

Hi Joy!

The gown is beautiful!! You are an amazing seamstress. How long did it take you to make it??

Sorry, I haven't read Mansfield Park or seen the movie, either. Which quiz is it? Sounds fun! I love taking "which character are you?" quizzes!!!

Happy New Year!!

Klahn Family said...

Actually, I found the quiz. I took it and I'm Elinor Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility, which I've been in every other Jane Austen quiz I've taken, so it didn't surprise me!

Here is a link for a quiz that's just for characters from Pride & Prejudice. It's a fun one! I took it and was 100% Mr. Darcy. It's so funny, because most girls I know come up as guys, and then my friends' 2 brothers took it, and they were both girls! lol

Here's the link:

If you take it, let me know who you are!


JoyAnn said...

for Ruth, who is Anne Elliot? I only know of all these characters through your family, and I guess we did not discuss her that I can remember!

For Ali:
To get to the quiz click the I am Marianne Dashwood icon on my blog to the left.
Thanks for the compliment on the dress! When my Mom saw it at first she thought it was store bought, I loved her look she had when finding out that it was not. It also took 2(?) hours to make.
Happy New Year! Joy

Nancy said...

What a sweet dress for your little sister! I wish I had learned how to sew...I know it takes patience. Karron is just so sweet. Know you are enjoying her!