Tuesday, December 25, 2007

CHRISTmas eve!!!!

What a good day! On Mom's blog she tells about our devotions. It sure was fun acting it out and everyone agreed that Karron fit baby Jesus' position. Some played shepherds and Vonn put Mag high on his shoulder so she could be an angel. SuZenn played Mary while riding on Rolaun the donkey. Today for Christmas everyone gathered in Mom's room (we still fit! it was iffy last year and 5 more pankratz' live here now!) and opened our stocking shirts.
After 5 garbage bags full of toy paper garbage (no wrapping paper), full stomaches, and toy boxes full, everyone started on a treasure hunt. There was one starting clue for everyone besides Levin and Ran (they had it together) and the 3 younger ones had it together. They best part is the end, seeming their beaming faces! Explaining where they went, what happened, and how something got there. What fun!
For the afternoon, Dad took the children besides Reuben ,baby, and I, sledding.  FUN!! It was the first time Seleen, Brandon, Rolaun, and Ran could EVER say that they went sledding for Christmas. Later after a special dinner personal gifts were passed out. It was a precious time!

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All in a Day said...

Are you going to share what the end result of the treasure hunt was?