Friday, November 23, 2007

Holidays are starting!

Today we decorated cookies, bigs on one table and littles on the other table.
Vonn is being goofy on the first picture while waiting for the rest of the supplies to arrive. Auntie Susie can be thanked for all the cookies frosting and sprinkles. She bought store cookies because by the time you finish baking, your to worn out to decorate!
So we had fun, littles used sprinkles and bigs got to use fancy dispensers.
The tray of cookies are done by Reuben, Ran, Aaron, SuZenn, Magdalyn, and Benjamin.
Even though much hard effort was put into artwork, we unfortunately never found the time to gobble them up. So children and and old ones alike went to bed without a crumb! (well... that I know of !) Hopefully no one will suffer tomorrow.
Later today our neighbor pulled in with a dump truck. What are they doing???
Come to find out, it was set on his heart to give us some wood!!
WOW! To see some pictures go to my Mom's blog, .
God bless!

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Ruth K said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
A few days late...but every day should be a day of thanksgiving!
Wow,that is neat about the wood!
Praise The Lord for His provision!
Neat pictures!
I want to see the one of Rebekah and SuZenn dressed up.:)