Thursday, November 22, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!

For our holiday this year my Mother's sister came up to celebrate with us. Since she lives down in St. Paul we exchanged Christmas gifts. This year Auntie Susan knitted something for each one of us( that is alot!). All the children received hats except Seleen and I, we got soft fuzzy scarves.

Then while waiting for the turkey to be done, everyone gathered in groups here and there and did activities. Like playing games but mostly enjoying their new gifts.

Dinner! Ok we made a big table to fit everyone, but we enjoy our space so the big boys were booted to the small tables.

Quentin is adoring and drooling over dessert, pumpkin pie pudding. Much easier than the pie itself and tastes just as good!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Janna said...

JoyAnn! I was so surprised and pleased to see your comment on my blog! And to find that you have a blog, too. Wow... It's a small world. I'm glad you liked the "hair-doing" posts. How did your sister's curls turn out? :)
Thanks so much for your kind comment about the Wee Folk dolls, and about the photography. Glad you think the photos are nice. We do have a very good camera; it's a Nikon D80, a digital SLR (single lens reflex). And yes, the lighting really helps make a photo turn out well. We like shooting in natural light--no flash! Flash makes such harsh shadows and bright spots.
Well, I'm going to add your blog to my RSS reader, so I'll be notified whenever you make a new post! So glad to have met you again!
Janna Berge

Ruth K said...

Hey JoyAnn!
Again,cute pictures.:)
I am sure you are all enjoying those knitted hats, mittens,and scarves!
And the cookies look Great!