Saturday, August 25, 2007


Wow, what busy week!

It started the Friday before with going camping close to Itasca State Park. The event was Pioneer Farmers, a non-profit organization for us to remember the pioneers. Everyone had an enjoyable time! Some adored tractors and others worked in the kitchen while some just hung around. Then late Sunday we arrived home for a DEEP sleep.
But the most exciting news! Adoption day arrived!
Last Tuesday, the time was set, the phone rang and the judge spoke. Before we knew it, in less then 2 minutes there was 4 new pankratz children! To celebrate our plan was to go get a large ice cream cone for everyone. Unfortunately the flavor on the machines at the restaurant were not running, so we ran over to the gas station for ice cream. Afterwards all settled down for wonderful tastes and wonderful friends: each other.


~Aleksandra~ said...

Hey Joyanna!!!


Beth said...

gee did not take you long to get a commet on this post.. or am I just behind LOL
Thanks for the great pictures.

~AliisaJoy~ said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting!! You must be so relieved that they're yours!!

I LOVE the pictures!! So cool.

Just so you know, I put a post about which parts we got in the play on my blog, it's below the most recent one about Jacob. We all got parts, and there are more details on my blog.