Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hot Potato

During one of our afternoons after playing out in the snow all of the children gathered together in the game room and played hot potato! It turned out to be a cold uncooked potato in place of our pretend hot one. Someone was not very excited about playing so they were put in music on and off duty, which cheered them up! Eventually they joined in the fun.  The picture of Aaron laughing is a comedy moment. I was in the ring along with everyone else that was left. Right as I was going to take a picture the potato landed in my free hand. Before being able to attempt to pass the potato, the music stops. Some how it was really funny and got a great picture!
Right now our life consists of waiting, waiting, and waiting. When is that baby coming??
Also another adventure is the temperature. COLD, average is 20 below zero warming up to 10 below and 0. It has been hard trying to convince Rolaun (one of or Texas children ) that it is COLD(!) but he must not of believed us and had to go out unprepared properly. Then yesterday he took off his mitten to throw snowballs, let's just say, he dresses better!

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