Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just another day

Hello everyone!

Just an update, pictures are events of our school days. Right now is reading time, 20-40 minutes for everyone, depending on what kind of day it is.

Today was a special day our little town Lancaster. Starting off at the city hall with bingo. Since our little family IS quite large, it would be strange if one day none of us got bingo. The business's in town are the ones we have to thank for their kind generosity, in donations of the prizes. This year the prize was sleds, something the children in our family use soo much. For the bingo: Quentin, SuZenn, Seleen, Tristan, and Benjamin each won a sled. They were so excited!!!
I am glad Seleen received a sled, something special for her to remember.
Afterward, we went out and sled on the big snow pile next door( for the flat landers, it's a big deal). Soup was for dinner for a fundraiser in town and then a parade of lights. After ooohing and aaahing all cold bodys piled in the van and went home. The end.

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