Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It finally became snowman weather!!
All winter it rarely warmed up enough to make any snow sculptures, a day like today sure brightens the long winter days.
Quentin creatively packed knee-high snowmen into an army,  with a cannon included!
Behind the lines of men a horse was made also, it had a man on top but the urge to knock him off was to strong for someone.
The picture of the letters say, HI MOM!
Our snowman grew to a height of 8' and 4" this year, something we could never do in the past until Vonn grew 6'.
I remember being little and a teenager came over to our house and we went outside to make a large snowman, one that was taller than me! ( to a 4' girl that is extremely tall!)
I don't think that I believed them.  I mean, how can a snowman be that tall? To my small world a tall snowman was just not possible.


Anonymous said...

Oh How FUN! :)
I really like the horse!
Wow,that is a tall snowman.
~Ruth K~

All in a Day said...

Looks like lots of fun! I like the army men and cannon.