Saturday, April 5, 2008


Thank-you so much!
I did have a wonderful birthday, it started out on a beautiful day with Ruth Knapp over for the morning. As the day progressed not much out of the norm happened although Mom did ask me if I wanted a cake. I decided not to, not really sure why, maybe because we have it often? or was it to show that one can have a birthday without a cake?
I don't know for sure ( actually not true, looking back from the future, it was a God thing!).
Mrs. Knapp called my Mother while she and I were playing a card game we don't do that often, her and I) . Almost ALL the time I ask Mom who it was on the phone and what they said , so on. Well, for this one time in probably my WHOLE life I did not ask anything. Which is really good because they were planning something and Mom could not even think of something to say replacing what they had planned.
Later, that night we piled in our vehicles to Awana.
After games, I was surprised with a beautifully decorated cake made by the Knapps! It was carrot cake (one of my favorites) with flowers and a "Happy Birthday JoyAnn". Afterward I was showered with two wonderful gifts.
I feel SO BLESSED. THANK_YOU so much!
My eyes were not really open to how much people cared until I grew up.
Right now all I can say is WOW.

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