Friday, April 18, 2008

SuZenn's B-day


Happy Birthday SuZenn!
Wow! 5 years old, you are so old!
Did you have a good birthday at your Auntie Susan's house?
How about the cake? With the crown?
I know you enjoyed the games outside, even if the only coat to wear was a too big sweater.
After that we had your meal that you picked out, PIZZA! That was good!
When dinner was over, I loved whatching your expresion over each gift that was presented to you.
I don't know if the books, outfits, or toys catch your eye. BUT I SURE WISH MY CAMERA WAS READY WHEN YOU SAW THE JEWELERY!
Dear SuZenn, I'm so glad we are sisters!


Who? Oldest of six said...

Happy Birthday SuZenn!!! :D

All in a Day said...

Happy birthday, SuZenn!

Anonymous said...

Happy (Late) Birthday SuZenn!
You are such a sweet young lady!
Keep shining for Jesus!
~ Ruth K ~

Aliisa said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, SuZenn!!! What a sweet birthday post!