Monday, June 16, 2008


The right connections were made and now a tall sign upon entering our premises bears the 'watch for children'. This is so good! Here and there a vehicle will zoom by a little to fast for our liking. I know it is good to look both ways when crossing the road to grab the mail from the mailbox. But we live down a deserted road were finding a running van, truck, or car is highly unlikely.
This previous weekend, we attended a home school social gathering. I had a blast with everything, including the rain storm that made our minds to head home a few hours earlier than the original plan. Some of the activities involved: egg toss, ultimate football, beading for the younger ones, food(!), volleyball, devotions, and the most eventful, the obstacle course! The latter game had a stack of 3 round bales at the end, of which someone climbed up and grabbed a homemade swing. And swung like the great Tarzan to the other side! Needless to say, WE HAD FUN!


Who? Oldest of six said...

Guess what! Your air mattress were found half a mile away still inflated!!!!

All in a Day said...

I agree, we did have fun.

JoyAnn said...

The story goes like this:
Dad and Vonn turned away from the tent site and heard a 'pop!'. They discovered the tent's top half had almost completely ripped off. Evidently the air mattresses disappeared! We thought gone forever, good thing the Sips have chores to do in the morning. We have the air mattresses now, thankfully still intact.