Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wow! It's busy here

No, I have not forgotten this blog. It just so happens that life here is busy! Vonn and Mom went to GF and purchased thick brick colored tiles to make a patio! The van was so heavy-ladden it blew a tire. No worries, it broke down in a great location, in front of Sam's club, close to their garage. The patio looks fantastic! We purchased plants and decorated around our little spot of pleasure.
Another HUGE (literally) difference is Mom's bed. Another Queen was given to us so we crammed Mom's queen bed and the new one together to make a large bed.
A run to wal-mart gave the bed new maroon and gold blankets and pillows( I really need to take a picture!). Everyone unanimously agrees that we queens and kings upon entering the room.
How elegant the bed looks!
Next Friday is the end of the year homeschool party, we are anticipating an exciting night of laughter, games, and each other.
The cutest news:
We got a PUPPY!
She is SO cute, mostly beagle. No one knows what the father was for sure.
Rascal was picked out for a name and everyone is having a blast with this lovable, playful puppy.


All in a Day said...

That bed idea is what we need!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing you-all on Friday!
Rascal is cute!
You will have to see Scrapper-Peter's puppy,Rascal's sister.:)
(Scrapper has green eyes)
Your Mom's bed sounds nice!
Now WHO sleeps in it?? :) the children,or your parents???:)
I can't wait to see your patio!
~Ruth K~

JoyAnn said...

Right now, Mom, Dad, Reuben, Karron, and extra people who had a bad dream or is sick. Can you imagine all those people in one little bed??

Anonymous said...

That is quite a few in one bed,but Mom and Dad's bed always feels better than your own... RIGHT?
especially when you are little,and don't feel good!
See you tonight!
~Ruth K~