Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6

Epiphany is a holiday widely celebrated all over the world. It is a day set to remember the Magi who gave gifts to baby Jesus. In Mexico, this day is called, Dia de Reyes. Certain people are chosen to be 'the wise men' and they travel about giving gifts to the children. At Epiphany, gifts are exchanged and children wake up to presents set out on this day, not Christmas day.
It sounds like a good time to do our presents, we could hit all the Christmas sales!
By the way, I've read online that in Spain there is no Santa Clause, it's the Magi who send do all the giving.
Ok, so for the first time ever, our family celebrated Epiphany. During the afternoon, Mexican wedding cakes (also known as Russian tea cakes), gluten free cookies, and origami bowls were made to use as our gifts to give away.
After dinner time, we gathered around our pretty little island and packaged our cookies. One filling the bowls, one fetching the bags, another counting the twist ties, and a little one on his tippy toes to gather in all the excitement with those bright blue eyes. With the cookies wrapped up, ten older children bundled up with a list in hand and prepared ourselves to make a round in the neighborhood.
Representing the Wise Men, we gave out presents (with a short explanation of the holiday Epiphany) and sang, " We wish you a Merry Christmas" in our off key voices.
I hope we have given some people a smile to their face. I don't know if this will become an annual tradition for us, but it sure was fun!

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