Friday, January 2, 2009

Now that Dad is at home, Mom and I are much more relaxed and I have more spare time. Quite unusual for me. So I sewed SuZenn and Karron (how cool it is to have another toddler in the home!) matching dresses. Very cute indeed.

I finally went outside for the first time this season to go out in the snow. OK, I didn't do much, just watch and take good pictures and cheer them on down our sledding hill.

I made chicken, potatoes, and stuffing for dinner today and I got a couple questions, "What is the occasion?". I just felt ambitious. That's all :)
Tomorrow our plans involve a family gathering at The Heritage school in Karlstad. I hope it goes well! Some of our ideas are games, gingerbread houses, and decorating bags that the moms will fill with treats.

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