Friday, June 11, 2010

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Today has become an interesting one... The mission group from Ohio came down last Saturday. Their plans were to stay a week and leave today ( Friday ).  But on the way down, the radiator in the bus they were driving decided to die two hours before arriving here in El Paso. Of course on one of the hottest days of the week! So some of the people that are working here, went to go rescue them. During the Ohio groups stay, a couple of the guys worked on the bus. We found out that it needs a new radiator, and the one that fits this bus needs to be custom made. OH BOY! One of the team leaders was able to contact the factory and have the two radiators for the bus sent here, and they would plan to work on it as soon as it arrived here on Thursday.
The plan sounded very good, but if one radiator gets sent here and the other to Louisiana, it doesn't work very well.
Instead of having the one radiator from Louisiana sent here, it's shorter time frame to have the company make a new one and send it overnight.
Plan B: part #2 is due to arrive at noon, and hope that the shop in town will work on Saturday or wait until Monday-Tuesday.
In the meantime, the Ohio group has been very helpful on getting the place clean for the next group to arrive tomorrow, we aren't sure when the Ohio group will be able to go home. No-one is worried about it, everything is in God's hands and the fellowship with others is sheer joy!
During the week in Mexico, we passed out tracts and John/Romans books and invited the neighboring Mexicans to come to the children's program that the Americanos were having. With such a good amount of people helping, we got done a little earlier than usual. Someone brought a soccer ball with and had a great game of soccer with the children that arrived early.
Something even more wonderful than all of the things we have done, was to see around 425 people give their life to the Lord this week! AMEN!

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