Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Leaf, falling, falling leaf.

Where do you go, in your whirlwind of life?

Perhaps you land in a grassy meadow, where cows graze;

or, perhaps you land in a stream, and are carried to worlds unknown by other leaves.

Or, perhaps you will land in my backyard

and help me see the beauty and wonder of God's creation.

Are you going to let the world blow you around in its turbulence and wind?

Are you going to land in a lush, beautiful meadow,

only to be eaten up by the cows that graze there?

Or are we, as Christians, going to land in worlds unknown by other Christians,

and help the people there?

Or will we, as Christians, land in someone's yard and help them gain victory,

through the wind and turbulence in their life, through Jesus Christ.

Remember, the Lord will never leave you,

especially in the wind and turbulence of life.

Leaf, falling, falling leaf, don't be afraid.

The Lord has you in His hands.

By Rose Knapp, age 14

Karlstad, MN

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