Thursday, December 20, 2007

3rd day

Today for Karron's third day in the big world , Mom, baby, and I went to the chiropactor and to show of our pride and joy. We also had neighbors and friends come over, they also brought a meal for us!
It was so wonderful to have that break from being in the kitchen and enjoy a different meal.  Karron has also been smiling at us! We thought at first, she is to little, just gas. But it is not! She really is smiling at us!
Mom is already feeling SO much better, but don't worry she is staying in bed!
Some of us were joking around, since our commander of the house (mom) has been worn out for the last 9-10 months, everyone is going slooooow and not to quick thinking.
Mom is going to one day jump up and run do a project while we will be left in her dust with a dumbstruck expression on our faces. How did she do that? What do we do now??
Well, I laugh at it.

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