Saturday, December 22, 2007


As I am blogging this out, my Dad is in the basement cutting out cars out of blocks of wood that the children stenciled out.
So the aroma of fresh cut wood is filling the house and the sweet sound of the fire detector is going off too.
The cars are from Awana, every year they have a race track set up and an Awana grand prix is set in action. Different car shapes are designed every year, in our family it has gone to pick-ups and pencils to big vans and larry mobiles. I wonder what will come up this year.
The buzz of Christmas is aslo come! Many gifts have arrived under the tree wrapped in love with red, purple, and brown contruction paper. Some have even made thier way IN the tree!
Our Christmas plan is to open gifts on Christmas eve and then open our stocking shirts the next morning. We used to have stockings but nothing can fit in them. So starting last year, the children have button up men's shirts sewn up on the bottom and sleeve ends and initials sewn on the pockets of whose it is.

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