Sunday, December 2, 2007


Alright, we did have snow before, but just enough to cover the ground, and it did not stay more than two days.
Now snow is before our eyes and not a splotch of bare ground is visible.
Last Saturday, was our Sunday school Christmas program practice, and did it snow!
On the start of our journey, inches of snow had to be wiped off the van windshield. On our way home more snow had to be wiped away. During the night, it snowed more! All together it was around six inches that fell. The Texas children (keep in mind this is the first snowy winter) seemed in awe when the snow piles in the middle of the street was showed to them. Snow piles in the middle of the road? Vonn joked, "Even us small towns get divided highways"!
Brandon is 12 now and our home is the first place he has ever seen (maybe heard) a snowmobile. And he DROVE one!
Oh I wish you could have seen his face! His eyes just glowed and face was just beaming! when Brandon ran in to tell me that he drove the snowmobile!
And most assuredly NOT the last!


Beth said...

awesome pictures JoyAnn!!! Thanks for sharing. Mom

Anonymous said...

How fun! I think I can imagine his face; it would be similar to what my Aaron's would be if he could come over and check out your snowmobile. (Hmm...maybe we could come over for a "field trip.") Shelly (met you at Rebekah's birthday party last this year)

~Aleksandra~ said...

cool pictures! we got some to but it is melting:-(

gtg Love, Aleks

Aleks said...

Hey joy wanted to try something

Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures JoyAnn!
i can just imagine Brandon's face!:)
Paul rides his snowmobile at least twice a day!

JoyAnn said...

Hi Shelly!
You and your family are welcome over any time!
But I should tell you, it was Paul Knapp's snowmobile that was running at our house. We have some but they do not run! JOy

~Aleksandra~ said...

Hey Joy,
I posted something on my blog and its changed!

~Aleksandra~ said...

JoyAnn, can you tell us what your mom is having? A boy or a girl? Love,