Friday, May 2, 2008

Ending April

Good-bye April!
Hello May!
The Bajjans and Knapps came over to our house today for supper and to enjoy a comedy that Quentin and Paul put on.
Their skit was on etiquette, if you know them you know that it was Hilarious!
They had ten rules that one should follow, breaking each one of them along the way. We had a great laugh! Thank-you guys! ( see Mom's blog for a picture)
In the picture shown here, Seleen and Brandon have conquered that difficult game: Cat's cradle. Quentin even accomplished Jacob's ladder. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi JoyAnn,
Maybe don't let Quentin or Paul B know this,but I did get the whole skit on video!
If it turned out alright,I can try to send it to you!
Thanks for the fun time yesterday!
~Ruth K~
P.S. How is Magdalyn?

JoyAnn said...

Mag is still pretty sick :(
That would be so cool to see the video! Maybe if it does work, I could put it on my blog.