Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grandpa Harris

June 25, 2008
was the funeral of my father's uncle,
Grandpa Harris.
We enjoyed seeing Harris when he was on earth
with us, he almost always greeted each of us with joy!
A favorite story we like to reminisce,
is the day he purposed to his future wife, Gladys.
He had enjoyed his brother's little boy during this time so Grandpa Harris said something to Gladys like; " I want a little boy like my brother,
I'll marry you if you give me boys."
The couple married and had 3 girls.
So when our family moved nearby with all of our boys, Harris was thrilled!
We are glad to have had Grandpa Harris in our lives, and
through this sad setting, I rejoice because I know he is in heaven.
Good-bye Grandpa Harris

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