Tuesday, July 1, 2008


All of this happened a week ago but it is still worth mentioning.
I am quite impressed with the way Reuben's cake turned out. The goal was to make a sand castle cake and it appears to really give the effect.
The first step to the cake is making two 9x13 cakes, the original recipe calls for one cake but that is NOT sufficient for us.
#2 step consists of cutting 3-4 circles, starting with a large circle on the bottom and the the smallest on the top.
#3 Whip powdered sugar and vanilla together to make frost, which is drizzled on top.
While the frosting is still wet, sprinkle all of those extra crumbs all over.
I took small leftover squares from the pan and distributed those around the main frame beforehand.
The last direction is grabbing regular cones and placing waffle cones on top, fastened with frosting. The cones are not going to fit unless the tops are broken off.
Voila! The cutest cake around.

(The picture of the mansion: 20 minutes from us, our friends are renting this huge house at the time. We for sure came home with many ideas for our new addition!)

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Interesting cake... :)