Sunday, July 20, 2008


All the girls went for a shopping expedition yesterday and while we were at Menard's we looked at front door prices. Come to find out, doors are extremely HIGH in price.
One of our dreams is to have a beautiful front door, one that makes us feel like royalty when we walk in. Anyways, for those who have been over here, remember our big brown door in the dining room?
We took it out and the plan was to dump it, but it appeared to possibly have another door inside.
So the outer layer was stripped off and underneath was a absolutely gorgeous door! I volunteered myself to restore it since it does need a lot of work. My plans are to blog the steps to restore it. Painting it afterward sounds like the most reasonable. Anyone have experience restoring wood furniture to something to be proud of?

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Beth said...

you need to post a picture of your door