Friday, August 1, 2008


Good-bye everyone!
I am ending my blog sort of because I no longer have a computer so my access is a little harder than before. But mainly because I am done. I may continue some day but not for the present.
So I am saying good-bye and thank-you for coming, I hope you were blessed!


Anonymous said...

I will miss your blog JoyAnn!
But I understand.
I hope I can see you soon!
~Ruth K~

All in a Day said...

I'll miss you! Maybe when Mike builds his next computer we can set you up with one of these... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Joy! I was just going to let you know that Lauren and I sometimes checked your blog and always had fun seeing what you guys were up too! I understand your quitting it though, with your ocmputer and everything...

Hope you're having a great summer! It sure seems like it goes by way too fast though!! :)


Beth said...

I think you should start blogging again